Camping trips can be great fun, but you need to make sure your vehicle is safe and capable of driving you to your destination. You may find campsites in remote areas. Your car must be capable of handling country roads and steep hills. To ensure your camping trip is a success, what road travel tips should you use?

1. Top up your oil

Overheating can cause many summer camping trips to be cancelled. When the engine is cool, you need to check your oil. This job is quick and easy. Simply pull out the dipstick from your car.

Do not wait for the dashboard warning light to come on to tell you that oil is needed. You may already be heating up!

2. Make sure your rear-view is clear

It can be difficult to see the back of your car if you stuff too much in your car. This can make motorway overtaking more difficult and may cause you to have trouble reversing, especially if you are on a busy campsite.

You should keep your rear view clear and not stuff it too high.

3. Check wheels

Rural roads in places like Yorkshire can put a lot of pressure on car tyres. You will often notice them wearing faster on farm tracks, which you may need to cross to get to your pitch. Do not wait for your tyres to go bald before you change them. Tires that are worn out can cause serious damage to your car.

Check tyres before driving

Driving on worn-out tyres will not bring you any good. There are many trustworthy tyre shops in Yorkshire that offer affordable prices. Ossett Tyre House can help you book new tires in Pontefract. This will make your camping trip more enjoyable.

4. Check Your Electricity

Before you leave for your trip, make sure to check your heating, air conditioning and lights. Make sure to replace any bulbs that are damaged, and remember to check for the ones you often forget about like reverse lights or fog lights.

5. Keep your children entertained

Long road trips can be a nightmare if your kids are bored and start arguing with the driver. You can give them enough entertainment and allow them to take short breaks when necessary.

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