Camping Essentials

Camping Essentials You Must Have For Your Backpacker Lifestyle

Have you ever made a camping checklist? If not then you need to start right now. If you haven’t already started one, you are making a huge mistake. I’m serious. Make sure you have a camping checklist so that you know exactly what you need to bring before you leave on your camping trip.

camping essentials

The first thing on your camping essentials list should be a tent. As obvious as this may sound, it is surprising how many people overlook this essential camping item. Don t make the mistake most people did. Use this advice to ensure you have all of your camping essentials covered. This camping essentials checklist is not only for new campers, either.

Even experienced backpackers should make a list to double check their camping essentials ahead of going out. You want to check the weather and temperatures, food and water, and how to find and carry the items you need back in your backpack. If you don’t do this ahead of time, then you could be in for a miserable surprise on your trip. Here is an example…

I once camped alone for the first time. I was excited to backpack to the mountains and hike some of the trails but it turned out to not be a very fun experience. I ended up being miserable the entire time because I brought along too much food and drinks and didn t have the right hiking clothes to wear. Here is an example of the problems I had…

There were no showers at the campsite so I had to carry a big box of toilet paper with me everywhere. That really slowed me down. Also, the ground at most campgrounds is soft and soggy and I got pretty wet from all the walking around. The best part was when I went to the nearest bathroom at the campground but the woman at the counter couldn t see me and asked for my American flag which I had brought along for the trip. You can imagine how that made me feel!

Another problem I had while out there was making sure I packed everything I needed for my meals while camping. It is very easy to buy the right camping food at the campsite but sometimes you forget some of the things you brought along when you get back. This included a big sleeping bag, a portable stove, cups and plates, silverware and the like. If you make sure to pack these items along, then you will never be late packing again.

Other items that are necessary but might not be the most common camping essentials are a first aid kit, bug repellent, sunscreen, fire starter, a compass, a cell phone, and a first aid blanket. In addition, you may want to have a special bag for your tent in case your stuff tends to get lost. For your tent, I would highly suggest buying an all-purpose sachet that you can hang on the front of your tent. This will help keep all the little critters away from your tent, thus keeping it clean. It will also help keep your sleeping bags clean but don’t hang them anywhere else. Just roll it up with the sachet in place and keep it on top of your sleeping bag for easy access.

A few other super duper camping gear items include a water filter, a trekking pole, a Swiss army knife, and some super thin clothing like a pair of shorts. All of these items are essential but you might not see them on any kind of list. The point is that if you know where to look, then you can really save money. It also doesn’t hurt to talk to other backpackers that you meet while backpacking and see what they use. They will probably be happy to share their great gear tips and experiences.

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