Best way to repair a tent

Like any major investment in your lifestyle, it can happen that the worst happens and it is damaged. There are many ways to fix any hiccups that may arise so your home can be a new place. This section contains all the information, tips and tricks you need to keep your tent afloat for many years.

How can I repair a tear?

You can make a small repair kit for tents to fix rips and tears. It includes heavy duty needles (leather/sailmaker’s needles), a thimble and lightweight gloves. A pair of pliers is also included.

You can make a small rip in your canvas tents using nylon cotton, button thread, or any other type of extra-strong cotton from a haberdasher. A squirt or Fabsil is used for seam sealant or proofing.

A strong polyester thread like Gutermann’s will give the seam a little flexibility for a synthetic tent.

Tent repair tape is a waterproof tape that can be used to fix tents quickly and temporarily until you are able to give them a thorough inspection. Tenacious Tape is sometimes sold under this brand. To make it even more sturdy, cut the Tenacious Tape using a pair of scissors. Next, apply super-strong Gorilla Tape to the same spot.

What if the job is too difficult for a DIYer and I need to hire a professional to repair my tent?

To save your camping gear, Scottish Mountain Gear can either be booked online or over the phone. They specialize in repairs to tent zippers, patching, and even resewing seams.

How about fixing tent poles?

There are many things you can do to save your tent’s bones if the problem is more than just fabric. As a backup, make sure you have a spare set of tent poles.

You can also buy an online tent pole repair kit that includes shock cord, ferrules and washers.

Unthreaded poles can be tensioned by you if you purchase them. Simply pull the elastic tight around the replacement section, then cut it. Then, ask another camping enthusiast to hold it while you rethread the other end. Then tie the elastic again.

Sugru and FORMcard are great for repairs to non-fabric tents.

Where can I find spare parts for my tent’s roof?

It’s more likely that you can find parts for a tent purchased from a major brand or a newer model. is a great place to begin your search or call the manufacturer of the model you are looking for.

How can you fix a puncture in an inflatable shelter?

For a quick fix, spare air beams can be purchased. The tent will likely come with a puncture kit. It doesn’t have to be a problem.

What can I do to prevent wind damage to my tent

Strong winds can cause rips, tears, and even broken poles. It is important to choose the right pitch and check the forecast before you go.

The most difficult times are pitching and tearing down the tent. Wait until the wind has calmed before you start. To give mother nature the best chance of winning, choose the right pegs for the ground and make sure you use all the guy lines.

To prevent the tent from being blown around, balance the tension between the guy ropes and the men. Sandbags can be used to weigh down the corners of the tent. This will keep it solidly on the ground.

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