Hike is worth the sweat but be prepared for anything

http://www.poughkeepsiejournal.com/story/sports/2017/10/09/hike-worth-sweat-takes-see-sight-megaliths/746192001/?from=global&sessionKey=&autologin=It’s amazing what you may find onĀ  a trail on any given day. Sights, sounds and the smell of the earth. I find it refreshing to take an early morning hike. I usually prepare for my journey the night before. I go over the map and plan my route. I let others know my plans and I prepare for an emergency. Weather conditions are always changing but that ‘s never stopped me!

After assuring myself that I was definitely in the right place, I grabbed my gear and went, right past the telephone pole and across a big old meadow. At the end of the meadow you’ll see a house to your left; turn right to stay on the trail. About 10 … Hike is worth the sweat it takes to see this sight from megaliths


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